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I have written a batch file that runs a tshark command to filter fields from a wireshark pcap file and write them to a csv file. When i ran on the windows cmd CLI, i had to change the current working directory to the wireshark folder directory in the My Computer> Program Files, so i changed the current working directory in the batch file so that it would run the same way as i ran in the windows cmd CLI.

However, when i ran the below batch script, the output csv file was blank. How do i correct this batch script so that i can see the contents in the output csv file generated using wireshark's tshark command?

I wrote the batch file like this.

@echo off

set curr_dir=%cd%

chdir /D cd..

chdir /D cd..

chdir /D cd program files

chdir /D cd wireshark

tshark -T fields -n -r "C:\Users\L33604\Desktop\SynFlood Sample.pcap" -E separator=, -e ip.src -e ip.dst > "C:\Users\L33604\Desktop\logcapture.txt"

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Probably the problem is that you didnt enclose \program files with quotes. The batch program wont properly handle a path or file name with a space unless you put quotes around it.

I did the following to your batch program, and it assumes that the Wireshark directory is on the C: drive and that the logcapture and synflood sample files are where you report they are:

@echo off

cd /d "c:\program files\wireshark"

tshark -T fields -n -r "C:\Users\L33604\Desktop\SynFlood Sample.pcap" -E separator=, -e ip.src -e ip.dst > "C:\Users\L33604\Desktop\logcapture.txt"
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