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In gVim on Linux (confirmed on Windows as well), depending on the selected font family & size and the window dimensions, sometimes a 'dead' area appears on the right and bottom of the window as shown in the screen grab attached

enter image description here

While the theme is configured to have a black background, the 'dead' area inherits the OS window colours (grey in this case).

Is there any way to configure this within Vim? It's very annoying in full-screen where there is no control over the window dimensions as it leaves a vertical line on the right-hand side looking very out of place.

To confirm, this is Ubuntu Precise, gVim latest from official repos.

.vimrc is available at GitHub, however it doesn't probably have anything to do with this.

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There's a simple and easy to google solution.

Here it is, for posterity.

# this goes in your ~/.gtkrc-2.0 file

style "vimfix" {
  bg[NORMAL] = "#242424" # this matches my gvim theme 'Normal' bg color.
widget "vim-main-window.*GtkForm" style "vimfix"

# taken from a very helpful post here:

By the way, the linked thread at the Arch forums is where I've found it a year or so ago. Their forums and their Wiki are one of the best place to find readable and up to date info on Linux.

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