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I have a VPS located in another part of the world that has a static IP. I also have a server at home which has a dynamic IP.

Right now, I'm using No-IP's dynamic DNS client to update my home server's IP and keep it linked to my domain. I was wondering if I could somehow, at the same time, point a particular subdomain to my VPS instead of my home server?

In other words, is hosted on my home server while is hosted on my VPS (or vice versa). Thing is, I have to ssh to my VPS quite often too so it has to be more than just a normal URL redirection.

Both servers are linux based.

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The name is not a subdomain. It is just a subfolder. A subdomain will be A new DNS record A record can be created for this subdomain and it can be pointed to a different server.

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Ah... I see. Thanks. As for the DNS record A record, where would I do the configuration? With my domain registrar (i.e. – Reuben L. Apr 23 '12 at 7:46

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