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My mailserver setup is based on Das Postfix Buch ( from an good german IT consultant agency ) and the ISPmail Tutorials. In short I use virtuals ( maildir ) with MySQL config backend and amavisd-new ( v2.7 ) on Debian Squeeze. Mails are stored in the following directory pattern: /var/vmail/%d/%u. For now spam detected emails will be stored within /var/vmail/quarantaine.

I like to store spam detected emails within the correct mailbox directory ( /var/vmail/%d/%u/.Spam ). But how to do this? Amavisd-new does not support variables in *-destiny...

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let Amavisd-new/spamassassin insert the headers ("X-Spam-Flag") into the spam-mails.

Then use the Sieve filter in dovecot to move the marked mails into your spam folder (you can find an example in the dovecot wiki)

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Thank you, rmweiss. Sadly that there are no other options... – burnersk Apr 27 '12 at 10:50
The link above was for dovecot v1. Here the updated link for dovecot v2: Pigeonhole Sieve examples – masegaloeh Feb 23 '15 at 13:28

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