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I have two Excel 2007 sheets A,B with the same columns.

B contains less rows, but has a column with updated data (i.e. data in this column is newer than in the same column in A). I want to take every row in B, find the corresponding row in A (through a unique key, f.e. column C1) and update the value of the column with the updated version from B.


A           B   
C1 C2 C3    C1 C2 C3
1  2  3     1  2  99
2  6  7


A           B   
C1 C2 C3    C1 C2 C3
1  2  99    1  2  99
2  6  7

How could I achieve this?

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You could use VLOOKUP to initially populate the data, then copy values onto a new sheet to remove the reference.

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Thanks, it worked very well. In German versions of Excel, the function is called SVERWEIS. – p.vitzliputzli Apr 23 '12 at 20:21

you can use the Vlookup or the If functions

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