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I'm just bored clicking on the CONTINUE button every time "You'll need to provide administrator permission" prompt appears, as I'm the only administrator of the PC. I've configured Notification system to 'Never Notify' from Control Panel -> UAC but still no luck.
I've to face the problem when copying / moving / renaming file on an additional internal disk.

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Give the require rights to perform the action on the user you are using. –  Ramhound Apr 23 '12 at 16:17

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You could take ownership of the internal folder you use.

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According to this article there may be some issues with Metro apps, but disabling UAC using regedit worked for me. To do so, start regedit (by typing regedit in the run command) and navigate to:


Change the value of the entry EnableLUA to 0. Then restart your machine. Upon doing this, I never get nagged with a dialog to "provide administrator permission" anymore.

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I also had to figure it out and I thought I would share the answer:

  1. Go to windows explorer
  2. Right mouse the drive in question
  3. Go to properties
  4. Select security tab.
  5. Change permissions to full
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