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Any recommendation re a good ADSL 2+ modem/router for home that has support for running an SSH server? Would ideally want the ssh support to include:

  • custom port can be defined (not standard ssh port)
  • can use public-private key pairs for authentication (for extra security)
  • can define a set of IP addresses which can use the ssh server

If there isn't anything available in the say $0-$500 range that covers this then what alternatives do you recommend, for example:

  • install Tomato firmware perhaps
  • sacrifice ssh at the perimeter & just port forward the ssh port to the computer you want to use (and then harden this computer as best possible)

I'll stick with this for the main question however as an aside ideally the device would also have (however these could be sacrificed in order to get my above-mentioned requirements)

  • have wireless support (so I have everything in one)
  • have a content filtering solution with updates available, working in a transparent proxy mode, with ability to define which internal devices are subject to it
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Using public-private key pairs for SSH authentication is very common, but using true certificates is exceedingly UNcommon. You didn't really mean to say "certificates", did you? – Spiff Apr 26 '12 at 23:19
yes - no doubt I did mean "public-private key pairs" then – Greg Apr 26 '12 at 23:27
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Perhaps a Tomato router (Asus RT-N16 ) + a modem with telnet access through the router (disregarding the modem's router functions) (Speedtouch 516). Less than $200.

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