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I'm having trouble with my Lion Server with FTP.

I managed activating FTP via sudo launchctl load -w /System/Library/LaunchDaemons/ftp.plist thats fine. But now I want to control which user can access which directories on the server.

I created the sharings (for AFP) and enabled the sharing point for FTP with sudo sharing -e Sites -s 110

When I now login using FTP, I can access every directory on my system. Is there any way to tell the sharing which user can access which folders?

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I'm no expert, but when I wanted to make the default directory on localhost point to a WordPress install for running an upgrade, I edited /etc/ftpd.conf and added this line:

chroot all /Users/User/Sites/WordPressSite

The documentation for ftpd.conf can be accessed by running man ftpd.conf. It looks like you can assign users to groups ("classes"), above I'm using the "all" class, but if you set up users (see man ftpusers) you can probably set up the permissions you'd like per user.

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