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I have a micro SD memory card. How can I open encrypted SD card with Nokia mobile, the computer doesn't recognize any thing. When I insert SD card um used Windows and Ubuntu but the computer doesn't recognize it anymore. So how can I format or make computer recognize the SD card.

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Is this a Full-size SD card? Mini SD card? Micro SD card? – Justin Pearce Apr 23 '12 at 22:33
that's micro SD card – IT4UPDATE Apr 23 '12 at 22:41
To me it seems strange that you cannot even get the card recognized on a computer. the only encrypted stuff here is the data on it. It should still communicate its metadata to the computer, i.e. "I am a storage device and you can format me". I'd think either the card or the SD slot on your PC is broken. – MDeSchaepmeester Jun 6 '13 at 10:59

Did you encrypt the card using a pc or some mobile software? If you did it with a mobile software, try to decrypt using the same software.

If you did it with a pc, it has to work on a pc. (Try this: > Try with another card reader, > Use a data cable)

Note: I think normally encryption means they make the file read only. You can undo this in the "properties" of the memory card, still we need the card to be recognized on pc.

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You can simply format an encrypted SDC using a Nokia E series Phone. I have tried it once. The E series phones will detect the card. Jut Format to Decrypt it

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Try something like "SDFormatter":

It has been able to format cards for me that Windows couldn't...

You might also want to reformat the card using SDFormatter & then put it in the phone while still blank & let the phone format it again just to make sure it works.

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