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All i am looking for is a software on web ( prefreably ) where i can make structured notes for myself as I am reading a lot of stuff these days and want to make high level notes that i can scan later and add more details..etc (e.g. like on twiki ). I looked at a few options but did not like for following reasons:

  • evernote: its slow , does not allow any structures ( e.g table of content ) , collapse expand text feature lacking.

  • twiki - tried to setup my own twiki instance but its horrible , so complicated and so complex what i am looking for is something like twiki but simple to manage and use. anyone can edit this info on twiki colabratively i only want to maintain this info for personal use.

If you know or using any software to create structured notes which has basic features like hype links, %toc% ( table of contents ) features, tables , simple text formatting etc. please let me know.

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Three suggestions:

  1. Try a different server-side wiki.

    There are literally hundreds of wiki packages.

    Two that I think might suit you:

    • Trac (very full featured, really extensible, installs in minutes on most Linux boxes)
    • Usemod (one Perl script! Installs in seconds, pretty much anywhere - but pretty simplistic)

  2. Or, try the client-side wiki: Tiddlywiki

    In particular, consider Tiddlywiki + Dropbox

  3. If you're feeling adventurouus: Emacs org-mode, saved to Dropbox.

    Watch this video to get a feel for it.

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