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Hello I'm using Ubuntu 10.04, I am tunneling my connections to my server so that I can access country restrictions but I don't know why when I access a flash website, the flash player always crash. Youtube seems to work fine but Hulu and other sites doesn't work. So How can I fix this?

This is my socks tunnel:

ssh admin@remoteip -L 1234:localhost:1234

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That's not setting up a SOCKS proxy; that's just forwarding a single port. You may want to try something like ssh -D 1234 admin@remoteip instead.

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hello, i also tried that method but it isn't working in flash. flash is always crashing except youtube. – Kevin Lee Apr 24 '12 at 10:21

Did you configure your browser to use a SOCKS proxy on localhost:1234 after executing ssh -D 1234 admin@remoteip?

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