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I'm currently running the Mozilla Thunderbird desktop email client. In Thunderbird, if I type "linksys router" in the search box, it will find every message in the current folder containing that string. However, if I tag a message with "xbox 360", a search for "xbox 360" returns nothing.

Is there an add-on that allows me to search across tags? Would upgrading to the newest Beta version give me this functionality?

So far I've tried the GMailUI add-on and that didn't help.

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Bring up the Search Messages dialog:

Edit > Find > Search Messages


Ctrl + Shift + F

run for the tags

And then change the first drop-down box to Tags and search that way.

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Thanks! This was very helpful. – braveterry Sep 15 '09 at 14:34

The Quick Filter added in Thunderbird 3.1 also allows to search by tags.

Thunderbird 24.1 Quick Filter

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