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This is related to question: How do get my Windows 7 partition back after a blue screen? about losing the Windows 7 partition completely.

I wonder if a Partition Recovery tool is a good, reliable one? There seem to be 4 that are free listed as top of Google search of "Partition Recovery": Active@ Partition Recovery ( ), Mini Tool Partition Recovery, DiskInternals Partition Recovery, and EaseUS Partition Recovery.

Is one of them a good and reliable one? Thanks so much.

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I have used Mini Tool Recovery.

With MT Recovery I restored very easy 2 logical partitions.

Partition Wizzard (same company) seems also quite reliable for partition operations.

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I used Mini Tool Recovery on Vista to recover my Win 7 partition, it said "Please select the partition you need from the following list"... and I chose the partition to recover. (I chose Win 7). And Mini Tool actually went ahead and deleted my Vista partition after saying it is in use and "restart". I guess it meant "Choose the partition you need" and it will delete the ones you didn't choose. Not "Choose the partition you need to recover". – 太極者無極而生 Apr 25 '12 at 4:30

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