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Is there a way I can set up some shortcuts to my most used directories?

I mean "cd trunk" would always get me to my trunk location (e:\projects\work.....) from any place ?

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I believe you are not looking for a "shortcut" but a command alias.

This post on The UNIX and Linux Forums explains how to use doskey if you have the appropriate version of Windows (which I assume you're using based on the path specified.

In Linux you can use the command alias to create e.g. cdt to expand to cd ~/projects/trunk. Cygwin and similar environments on Windows can do the same.

tip: for future posts please specify the OS you're on and if relevant the shell used. Are you using plain DOS, cygwin, etc.?

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The details on your environment are very sparse, but if you use Bash or equivalent (e.g. through Cygwin), you can set CDPATH for this functionality.


~$ cd trunk
bash: cd: trunk: No such file or directory
~$ CDPATH="/projects/work"
~$ cd trunk
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