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Afternoon all,

This is what I did, can anyone tell me how to get out of this dead end please? ...

  1. "Fresh install" of vista onto C: actually just did a factory restore using the HP tool
  2. Created a new partition for data = F:
  3. Moved the "documents" folder with the following method [a] Start [b] right click on "documents" select properties [c] location tab [d] move [e] select F: [f] accept the dialogue box that said "do you want to move all the files from the old location to the new location? ... We recommend ... "
  4. Moved the "contacts" folder with the same method as above [a-f] plus there was another dialogue box [g] accepted "Do you want to redirect the folder "contacts" into another system folder located at "F:\" If you proceed with the redirection you will not be able to seperate them or restore default location." [h] Then there was another dialogue box which said "There is already a file with the same name in this location. Click the file you want to keep". desktop.ini. Options = copy & replace/ don't copy/ copy but keep both files. I selected the 'copy & replace' * I assume this was the step I really really shouldn't have done *
  5. Moved the desktop folder using exactly the same method as for contacts.

So now my documents, desktop and contacts are all the same. Erp. really not very good. I suspect that I reload all my documents from before the factory restore they're going to appear as desktop items .

I tried right clicking on each of the folders and changing the location to a new one (C:\first) but I got a message saying "failed to build the list of regular subfolders under "F:\System Volume Information" Access is denied" - which I simply don't understand.

So. How do I get out of this?

Can I create 3 new folders and edit or replace each one's desktop.ini file to recreate the separate desktop/ contacts/ documents? Do I need to download an ini file/ ini settings or something?

thanks in advance for any help at all.

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The outcome is exactly what should have been expected. You set the Documents, Contacts and Desktop folder to the same location...the root of the F drive.

The redirection steps taken do not create each a separate folder in the location you choose, it uses that location. To make each its own folder you must redirect each to three different locations like


or the following which makes Contacts and Desktop a sub folder of your Documents assuming you leave it directly in the root of F:

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