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Is there a way to connect Lotus Notes to Thunderbird?

My company uses Lotus Notes as one of the email clients. I'd prefer using Thunderbird because it's free and also because I find it more intuitive. I looked online and on forums, but didn't manage finding a way to connect Lotus Notes to Thunderbird.

Want on Thunderbird:

  1. to be able to send and receive emails
  2. receive calender events
  3. absolutely very little need to open Lotus Notes

Is this even possible? Thanks!

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Notes supports IMAP service.

Thunderbird is an IMAP client.

So yes it is possible. Contact your Notes admin for details of the IMAP service (hostname, port, login credentials).

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thanks for your answer. Sorry, I didn't get to verify your answer by establishing a connection between Notes 6.5 and Thunderbird. Thankfully, my company decided to upgrade my Notes to version 8! Will get back to this issue if I'm not satisfied by Notes 8 either... –  user640378 May 9 '12 at 15:14

The requirements that you mentioned and you are looking for is not only feasible although by means of a software or you can say with the assistance of a utility like Lotus Notes to MBOX Converter without a doubt you will be able to accomplish it. Since it facilitates you send/receive emails, calendars, tasks etc. other than this moreover is a sort of software on which you can rely upon.

Overview this: - http://exportlotusnotestoentourage.wordpress.com/

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