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I'm using Scribus for windows and I'm trying to make a borderless pdf text field but I can't figure out how to do it. Here are the steps I've taken:

  • Created a blank document
  • Added a pdf text field
  • Opened the text field's properties
  • Selected Colors
    • Clicked the Line button
    • Selected None from the list of colors

I thought this would make the border for the text field disappear but when I create a pdf and open it in Adobe Reader the border is still there. A friend of mine has the full Acrobat and was able to do this without any problems so I know its supported by the pdf format. Is this a bug in Scribus, a bug in Adobe Reader or am I missing a step.

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Right-click the text field to bring up the context menu and select the following:

PDF Options > Field Properties

The Field Properties dialog will appear.

field properties dialog

In the Appearance tab change the Color of Border to None.

Click OK and save/export as PDF.

Now when you view as PDF it will not show the border for the text field.

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