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Is it possible to mute just one person during conference call?

I use Skype at work to make everyday teleconference with my team. One of my team members sits in the same room as me, so I don't need to hear her from the speaker. The result is, that I can hear the person twice, with slight delay, speaking "live" in the room and in Skype.

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To answer my own question, I believe there is no way to mute just one person. The same problem was already discussed on Skype support community.

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If you are the leader of the conversation you can type the following command in the chat:

/setrole [skypename] LISTENER

That will make them able to listen, but not talk.

If you then want them normal again you can type:

/setrole [skypename] USER

You can see all commands by typing /w or a slash and any other letter.

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Will that allow other people in the conference to listen to the second person? – Canadian Luke Oct 23 '12 at 17:46
@Luke - Of course not, they would only be able to listen, which is clearly not what the author wanted. – Ramhound Oct 23 '12 at 19:40

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