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I want to run two digital display cards. I have an Radeon 5450 which I believe is PCIe16. I have only one PCIe16 slot. If I buy a second digital display card, it would have to go into a PCI slot, of which I have two empty. I would not be using the analog output from the built-in display hardware on this G45 motherboard.

Is there any reason why this would not work?

I want to do this for both Windows 7 and Ubuntu, dual booting.

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There's no way to answer this question usefully without knowing what it is you're trying to accomplish. What do you hope to gain from this? – David Schwartz Apr 25 '12 at 8:21
I just want two digital outputs (not mirrored). – H2ONaCl Apr 25 '12 at 8:28

Yes, you can put a PCI-E video card and a PCI video card in the same computer, and you can connect a monitor to each and have them both work.

"If I buy a second digital display card" it has to be a PCI card, not a PCI-Express card. Different blades, for different slots. Like This one. Sure, it has a VGA output, but it also has a DVI output. There are multiple different cards like this.

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