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I hate to write on with background, so i usally write my papers in a simple text editor, because I can have a dark background, but it's still annoying not to be able to use LibreOffice advanced features. Is there a real dark background and/or theme for LibreOffice under Windows? I got the page background to be dark, and text to be with by messing up with styles, however, there is still bright white margin border. Any suggestion?

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You can modify the application background using the appearance settings (Menu Tools -> Options -> LibreOffice -> Appearance):

modify application background color

The "Application Background" is the gray area around the sheets, and the "Document Background" setting affects the entire sheet (margins and editable area). Together with the "Font color" setting, you can modify the appearance entirely without altering the document (page / paragraph / character) styles.

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Gosh, I feel stupid, that was so simple! I changed Document background to gray 70% and font color to black, now it's perfect! – Olivier Toupin Apr 26 '12 at 1:14

Is it possible to make a button to switch between white and black background. I use both but it is a pain to switch between them.

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Just as a follow up, I found something you may like too.

Under Menu Tools -> Personalization you can now choose a firefox theme to use for libreoffice.

Maybe it is worth a look, personally I like it.

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