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How to set up a keyboard shortcut for specific symbol in MS Excel? Let's say euro sign wanted on Ctrl+Alt+e.

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There isn't a straightforward way to do this (like there is in Word).

You can, however define a macro:1

  1. (might not be needed) Click the Office button and select Options. Activate Show Developer Options. Close the popup.

  2. Go to the Developer tab and click Macros.

  3. Type in a name (e.g., Euro) and click Create.

  4. Change the code to

    Sub Euro()
        Selection.Value = "€"
    End Sub

    and close the window.

  5. Click options and select a keystroke sequence.

    As far as I know, you cannot choose Ctrl + Alt + E.

    You could, however, choose Ctrl + Shift + E.

1 The instructions are for Excel 2007. They're also translated from Spanish.

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An AutoHotKey script can be used to do this. See the following guide.

The euro sign is one of the examples:

SendInput {€}
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