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So I have an opportunity to pick an HP 4500 Laserjet for a pretty good price and am on the fence. The only problem is that it currently only has a parallel connection on it. However, the seller claims that it can accept a JetDirect upgrade card to make it network ready. I did a bit of browsing on ebay and found quite a few of these cards available.

My question: What's involved with installing one of these cards and configuring them correctly?

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JetDirect (aka print server) Have a look at this… – Moab Apr 25 '12 at 23:59
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after installing the jetdirect card, you should:

  1. connect to its web interface. the ip it takes is either static like or dynamic.
  2. configure the ip address
  3. print a test page (with system status) from the webpage
  4. configure the printer at you workstation
  5. print a test page
  6. profit!

6(optional). firmware upgrade if it provides anything useful

hope it helps, M

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Which model of JetDirect are you looking at for your printer?

See this page for General instructions

More extensive documentation here

Firmware upgrades for the JetDirect print server

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