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I am looking for a way to open notepad++ in a folder (using cmd) and auto-load this folder as a project or open it with light explorer plugin. Say I go to D:/foo/bar in cmd and want to run something like npp . to do it. Or when I am somewhere else I'd do npp D:/foo/bar

Hope it's clear enough. I think OS X' TextMate has something like mate .

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You try this way:-

notepad++.exe -multiInst YourDirectorypath

But this will load all files under this directory

Go through this Notepad++ Commands and Notepad++ Command Line documentation.

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Unfortunately, that's still not what I was looking for. This feature is so important for me (often switching projects), that I moved to Sublime Text 2... – mreq May 3 '12 at 10:10

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