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I have installed CentOS on my Windows computer.

How can I access my Windows files from CentOS?

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Assuming your Windows partition is NTFS (most probably a reasonable assumption):

First, find out what label your Windows partition has gotten in CentOS. As root, run

fdisk -l | grep NTFS

The left-most column is the partition label that you need later (assumed to be /dev/sda1 below - just change accordingly). The right-most column is the file system on the partition, and with grep we only pick those partitions that are NTFS.

Then, for CentOS 6, condensed from

For CentOS-6, the EPEL repository is carrying NTFS packages. To install, after enabling the repo per the Repositories page:

yum install ntfs-3g 

or if you prefer to leave EPEL disabled by default

yum --enablerepo epel install ntfs-3g 

You may also want to

yum install ntfsprogs ntfsprogs-gnomevfs 

for additional functionality.

Mounting an NTFS filesystem

Suppose your ntfs filesystem is /dev/sda1 and you are going to mount it on /mymnt/win, do the following.

First, create a mount point.

mkdir /mymnt/win 

Next, edit /etc/fstab as follows. To mount read-only:

/dev/sda1       /mymnt/win   ntfs-3g  ro,umask=0222,defaults 0 0 

To mount read-write:

/dev/sda1       /mymnt/win   ntfs-3g  rw,umask=0000,defaults 0 0 

You can now mount it by running:

mount /mymnt/win
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