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Let's say I have a .ps1 with this content (the actual content does not matter) :


# Do something risky
Remove-Item "c:\path\$someArgument.txt"

I'd like to add to my script (or to any method in fact) a confirmation message, that can be switch off (on by default).

.\myscript.ps1 "foo" -Confirm:$false

How can I do that ?

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With Advanced functions, you can use something called ShouldProcess.

At the top of your script, you can add an attribute called [CmdletBinding]





Once you have that, in the body of your function, you need to use an if statement

if ($pscmdlet.ShouldProcess($thingIamGoingToChange))

Take a look at help about_advanced_functions and help about_functions_cmdletbinding.

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Thanks! I'll have to dive into the possibilities of CmdLetBinding... guessing I can go far further with it :) – Steve B Apr 26 '12 at 15:09

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