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I'm trying to clean up our Office Templates directory as it's gotten a bit overcrowded and needs a bit of a trim. I've initially written a batch file to copy the Templates directory and its contents over from the Default User.V2 on the DC each time a user logs in but this doesn't remove the folder and its contents ready for a fresh copy. I also don't want the deletion to happen all the time, as users will create their own templates in the future.

Obviously we have a few users profile folders that need their Templates folder removed and replaced with this new Template folder and I'm wondering what the best way to go about it en masse.

This is the UNC: \\server\profiles$\firstname.lastname.V2\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft\Templates with firstname.lastname.V2 being the stickler.

Is batch file / VBS the best way here?

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You could make it so that at logout a backup script occurs. So, login, delete local template folder, copy from DC. Logout, copy template folder back to DC.

This should preserve changes they make.

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