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How to open a set of tabs together quickly? I normally use "Pin Tab" in a session, and if Chrome is closed normally, the previous set of pinned tabs will be opened pinned automatically next time. But sometimes

  • Chromes is closed in a crash, or
  • I am just working on a different computer where I did not log in my Google profile.

In those two cases, how to open a predefined set of tabs quickly? It is a bunch of webapps I frequent.

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Go to chrome://chrome/settings/ > Under "On startup" > Choose Open a specific page or set of pages. Here you can specify URLs of pages that you want to automatically launch every time on startup.

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Another thing you could do is, bookmark all your frequently visited apps in a folder. You can launch all those bookmarks in a single-click when necessary. This gives better control in my opinion.

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Yes. Just list the URLs as arguments to the Chrome program. In Windows for example:

Path\To\Chrome\chrome.exe superuser.com stackoverflow.com google.com

Again in Windows, you could create a batch file with that and a shortcut to it, for any set(s) of tabs you frequent.

A similar approach should work on any OS Chrome supports, because the command line should function the same.

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Good idea! But there's no need for a batch file. A simple shortcut to %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe superuser.com stackoverflow.com google.com will suffice. –  Dennis Apr 26 '12 at 16:04

There is add-on for chrome called tabcloud which is nice for that.

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