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My Intel control panel allows the brightness to be set to a minimum of only 40. Is there a way to allow a broader setting range?

I am using Windows 7 and a Sony Vaio 64-bit box.

Lowering the brightness usually helps when the color is too warm. Unfortunately I didn't find setting where I can adjust the color temperature (The mac has one). See also: Intel Graphics Drivers - Hue issues?

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It could be a limitation of the driver, but if it is actually a limit of the software, then you can indeed try other tools. One good one is Nirsoft’s NirCmd. You can use it from the command-prompt like this:

nircmd changebrightness 10
nircmd changebrightness -5

The first command increases brightness by 10 and the second decreases it by 5 (don’t ask what units they are, nobody knows).

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