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I was experiencing problems with all flash content (tried Firefox/Chromium/Opera, Ubuntu/Fedora and several Flash releases to no avail). While trying to playback any flash-movie, no video/sound playback occurred, and right-click only produced a "Movie not loaded" warning.

I accidentally narrowed-down the problem to a user-specific tweak I made in my '/etc/security/limits.conf':

    my_user_name         soft    stack           number_of_kbytes

The interesting part is that, whenever

    number_of_kbytes > 2097151 = 2^21,

this problem occurs, otherwise things are fine flash-wise.

Does anyone know why this may happen and where does this "magic number" come from? Also, is there a way to increase stack-size limits per-program (I have a C++ program which needs this sometimes).

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Interesting. Is it posible to strace your browser with the large stack? Also, what happens if stack is set to "unlimited"? – ckhan May 13 '12 at 6:17

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