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well i am brandnew to eclipse - i never ever used it so far!

i run a OpenSuse Linux Version 12.1 - and all works fine.

i am currently tryin to install the OSMGenerator - a tool that allows to put OpenStreetMap files into MySQL-databases therefore i have to setup Eclipse.

Firstly i have to setup Eclipse The OSMGenerator is set up as an Eclipse project, so i should be able to use it directly from within Eclipse (along with all the build&jar options). One thing i will need, however, as a dependency on another project of the developer skyebook i have to grab this JAR - and add it to my classpath.

i need these JAR

Well one question - where is my classpath? look forward to hear from you greetings

The links again;

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you have to open the project properties (right click on project and then select "build path"->"configure build path" . Afterwards, you'll see a screen like this one:

enter image description here

Click on "Add JARs" on the right if you want to add a JAR that resides inside your project or alternativly click on "Add External JARs" if they're located just somewhere on your hard disk. The first option is preferable though.

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hello dear Dariop - many thanks, Guess that this image is one of the Eclipse - i am happy that you showed me such good illstration. i do as you adviced - and come back and report all my findings. greetings zero – zero Apr 26 '12 at 22:06

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