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Lately I have assigned the en3 interface (which is in reality a USB-Ethernet converter device) the IP address of

I did this for Internet Sharing, i.e. to share the Ethernet (en0) with USB-Ethernet device.

Later, I decided to set up all interfaces to have the 192.168.1.x IPs and so in MAc OS System Preferences >> Network >> I set the en3's IP to be

But now the en3 has those 2 IP's at the same time as double inet entries. The unwanted IP of still comes up and when I attempt to use that interface en3, it prefers to use that unwanted IP.

How to get rid of that unwanted IP and/or that redundant inet entry for good?

Note: " #ifconfig ..IP.. -alias" doesn't solve the problem at all. After I attempt to use the en3, it again uses the unwanted IP.

For a screenshot of the ifconfig output:

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What response do you get after running:

    sudo ifconfig en3 inet -alias

Do you have something set to put the config back?

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Turn off Internet Sharing. 

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