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I have Flash files that I would like to make edits on but I don't know how or with what.

Is there some software that can edit a Flash (.fla) file?

(Ideally something free.)

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You can install the free 1 month trail version of Adobe Flash CS4 Professional, which you can use to edit and create free flash movies. If all you need to do is a one-time editing of the flash (.fla) file, you can get away using just the trial version.

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Check projects on osflash. All of these are free. There are IDEs, command line tools, editors, game servers, etc

...and check tutorials.

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You can download the 30-day trial version of Adobe Flash Professional. I don't know of any free alternative that works as well.

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there are no legally free programs that allows full capable editing of Flash source files (.fla). Only Adobe Flash (not Player!) can do it.

I suggest you stop wasting time hoping a free program like this comes along, and start using that time saved to work and buy a copy eventually.

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Well, maybe there is some free flash editing software you don't know – Tarik Sep 15 '09 at 21:12
Harsh much? – Josh Hunt Sep 15 '09 at 21:16
No, Aaron, the .fla is supposedly a 'secret' file format and it would require reverse engineering Adobe's proprietary format in ways which is illegal in most countries. – Josh Hunt Sep 15 '09 at 21:18

From the command-line, you may try SWFTools - SWF manipulation and generation utilities

You can install SWFTools distribution (which has also a command line program), and use SWFExtract, that can decompile flash files.

On OSX, install via: brew install swftools.

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