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From where I am sitting, Windows 7 does not appear to support WiFi Direct connections to Android mobile devices. Specifically, turning on WiFi Direct on my Samsung Galaxy S II does not make the device visible as a potential WiFi network connection. Windows 8 is said to support WiFi Direct, but I have no desire to upgrade at this time. I have successfully set up ad hoc WiFi connections between the S II and my laptop before, but as you may be aware, these are not the same as WiFi Direct.

Before posting this question, I searched [ "Windows 7" "WiFi Direct" ] and variations thereof, and dutifully slogged through dozens of lame or irrelevant responses on various forums, badly made YouTube videos, and probable Trojan horse distribution sites. If someone out there knows how to do this, it's buried in the noise.

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From this Intel link, it does look like there is software for WiFi Direct on Windows 7.

Intel® My WiFi Dashboard - Ultra Wi-Fi Portability

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I couldn't find anything about WiFi Direct, but Windows 7 does support "hosted networks" which are like adhoc networks but allow the laptop to stay connected to an access point and share the network connection with other devices though a virtual SSID. Here are the full details for setting up a hosted network in Windows 7.

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I think now the best option is Airdroid app. you can do multiple things including transferring files with WiFi to your smartphone. It does not use exact Wi-Fi direct protocol but has same speed and uses Wi-Fi.

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AirDroid has nothing to do with Wi-Fi Direct. –  gronostaj Aug 22 at 10:38

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