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I asked a similar question on and was directed here.

How do I format code in Bluefish HTML editor? There's auto-indenting, that's easy enough to find. Is there a button I can click after selecting all the text? Because I sure can't seem to find it.

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Which version of Bluefish? – iglvzx Apr 28 '12 at 7:14
I'm using Bluefish 2.0.3 on Fedora 16. I installed through yum – Tianxiang Xiong Apr 28 '12 at 7:23

For html files I could find this functionality under Tools -> Filters -> Tidy HTML. Notice that you need HTML Tidy installed1. I personally prefer to also have the file auto-indented: Edit -> Preferences -> External filters -> Tidy XML: |tidy -i|.

Additionally, for xml files you can add a new "Tidy XML" label with corresponding command |tidy -xml -i|.

1 In Gentoo: sudo emerge -v app-text/htmltidy; in Debian, sudo apt-get install tidy; in Fedora, I would guess sudo yum install tidy?

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