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Does anyone know where to find the latest AutoIt recorder? The one here does not work. It does not find RWSettings.alg and I do not know what that is. Any help will be appreciated.

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What I did was first download the official autoit installer and then enter the installation directory. There should be a folder named Extras. Inside this folder there should be another folder named Au3Record. This is the directory of the autoit recorder.

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Thanks @TGS. We have a saying "The child is in the lap and the mother is looking for him". The Au3Record program was already there as I did not check the Extra folder – Stat-R Apr 29 '12 at 12:13
This answer is no longer correct; the recorder is no longer included in this directory for the full install of AutoIt. – TylerH Dec 8 '15 at 19:24

Autoit recorder has been removed from the main package as of v3.3.14.1, apparently because it was giving false positives from AV software according to this autoit thread.

It also mentions as the the place to download the last version of autoit with the recorder. The thread also mentions the actual link may trigger off some AV software.

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This should be the top answer, its the only one here that solves the problem. – dodgy_coder Jan 27 at 13:09

Try installing SciTE SciTE4AutoIt3.exe for alternate solution.

enter image description here

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