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I mounted a network share (CIFS) long time back to be mounted into a specific folder. Now I don't even have that folder mapped anywhere in /etc/fstab. I'm also mostly sure I mounted it manually (not automatically from /etc/fstab).

However, when I perform 'sudo mount -a', along with other things, that path gets mounted too. Any way to check where this is getting mounted from, if it does not exist in /etc/fstab?

I've tried the following terminal commands and none of them pick up/show this particular folder.

gvfs-mount -l
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To see what the kernel actually has mounted do this:

cat /proc/mounts

If it's not in there then it's not mounted.

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I had come to that conclusion myself, but thanks for the response! – Optimized Coder Apr 28 '12 at 22:29

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