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I've noticed the MacVim downloads page has stopped uploading pre-compiled snapshots for OSX 10.6 (only 10.7 is supported now, with 10.6 considered LEGACY). I'm still using 10.6 and wanted to build it myself. I used the following to do so:

git clone
cd macvim
./configure --with-features=huge \
            --enable-gui=macvim \
            --enable-macvim-check=yes \
            --with-ruby-command=`rbenv which ruby` \
            --enable-rubyinterp=yes \
            --enable-pythoninterp=yes \
            --enable-perlinterp \
            --enable-cscope=yes \


It compiled without any errors, though when I open the src/MacVim/build/Release/ and clicked the icon, nothing happened. That is, the application launched but no GUI window opened. If I download a pre-built legacy snapshot and install it, things work fine. Am I missing something, or does macvim not support 10.6 anymore? Thanks.

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Your Python path tells me you have Homebrew installed. There is a formula for MacVim; I built it properly on Snow Leopard with the command:

brew install macvim --with-cscope --with-lua --override-system-vim

The formula is currently on 7.3 snapshot 64.

On Mountain Lion, I had to follow slightly more complicated instructions.

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