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In Scribus (latest version) is it possible to edit individual elements in a "group" without having to break the group and re-create it from scratch at the end of the edit (and losing any attribute such as the name of the group)?

For example, in Open/LibreOffice Draw it's possible to "enter the context of a group" with a double-click, edit individual components and then exiting the context (clicking outside, AFAIR) and the group is still existing and keeping its features.

This answer leads me to think it's impossible, but I really miss the reason why creating a table would create a group of text area if the first necessary thing you must do is ungroup them.

PS: this is not a duplicate of that question, as I'm OK with tables being groups of text area, I'm just wondering if groups (tables or whatnot) can be edited without breaking them.

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Yes, it is possible. Open the Outline Window through Window >> Outline and navigate the tree to the group and the text in the group. When you select it in the tree, you can edit the text in the document.

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