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After the recent 25 GB update, I wanted to sync my pictures with SkyDrive as I finally have enough space (My almost 10 GB Dropbox is full with other data and I need more than 10 GB for my pictures alone).

Anyway, the symlink (ln -s) option is not really working as it just creates an alias inside the skydrive which is not even synchronised. Is there any other option or do I have to live with moving the pictures folder into SkyDrive (which I wouldn't really want to do).

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Yes, Skydrive for Mac seems to ignore symlinked directories (which is strange, because on Windows it does follow junctions).

You can use rsync to hardlink your pictures (file-by-file) into the Skydrive folder. This won't use any disk space (almost), and is completely safe. And Skydrive does sync hardlinked files.

This question describes hardlinking with rsync.

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