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I have a ZTE zxv10 w300 4port wireless router at my home. When I connected to the router through wire I can connect to the internet without any problem. But, when I connect through the wireless connection after few minutes router restart several times and wireless connection turn off automatically. I can connect to the internet only a few minutes using the wireless connection, is this could be a defect of the router? or if not what could be the reason for this, please assist me.

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How old is the router? Maybe the hardware itself is going bad. – jftuga Apr 29 '12 at 17:40

this can be a firmware bug, try to update the routers firmware, ZTE website to know how-to. also this could happen when your having small buffer ( which is used with most low quality routers) and you are making huge traffic(gaming, downloading, video streaming..etc) that is all what i can think of at the moment :)

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