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Has anybody found a font browser solution as great as FontExplorer on Mac, for Windows?

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Doubtful, there's always Opicon, which is open source and written in Java if you're looking for something free.

However, I recommend you look at the answers provided at "What is the best (free) Font Explorer ..." question @ SO.

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I try to stay away from Java based apps :) –  Charlls Jul 16 '09 at 0:28

AMP Font Viewer is a free program that features stuff like:

  • Being able to type up a test sample to see how it will render in the font
  • Install/uninstall of fonts from your computer
  • Allows you to group fonts for easy reference. E.g. You have a go to set for particular jobs, you can group them all and quick pull them up to flick through
  • Screen list of the fonts you have installed with the names in their respective typefaces
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I use Suitcase for Windows. It has all I need and an excellent InDesign and Illustrator integration.

I also tried FontExpert. It has a lot of features but the UI is a little bloated.

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Old question I know - but it came up again and was redirected to here, and I've got one to add that isn't on the lists.

I've been using "The Font Thing" by a woman named Sue Fisher for years. Not sure if it's like "FontExplorer" but it's handy for viewing multiple fonts, as well as organizing and installing/uninstalling sets of fonts.

And it's free. :) It was last updated in 1999 but never really needed any more added to it (for my needs anyway).


I don't think I've tested it with anything newer than XP myself, but I would be surprised if it didn't work in Vista and 7.

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