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I have a recent issue with a keyboard/mouse combo. Some keystrokes and mouse down/mouse up events are ignored; in other words, if I type: "Hello World", I may find myself with "Hllo World". Sometimes everything is ok for hours; sometimes, it may completely block the keyboard for a few seconds.

First, I thought that since this is a cordless keyboard/mouse combo, there is an issue with radio signal, especially since what I observe is very close to what would happen if the receiver is too far away from the keyboard/mouse or if something in the middle is blocking the signal.

It appeared that the problem is exactly the same with an ordinary, non-cordless keyboard.

How to diagnose this issue, keeping in mind that:

  • The risk to have malware is pretty low and recent scans shown nothing,

  • The PC has Windows 8 Consumer Preview,

  • Windows was installed months ago, while the issue with the keyboard/mouse is recent (two weeks),

  • There are no special drivers for keyboard/mouse to install/reinstall,

  • The ordinary keyboard/mouse combo is used through USB. The other, non-cordless keyboard, uses PS/2,

  • The mouse motion seems unaffected (but mouse buttons are affected).

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Does the Windows 8 On-screen keyboard work faultlessly? If so it would point to a physical keyboard hardware problem.

I once had a problem with my laptop displaying different letters, but that was because of the Function key and I cured that by pressing the Num Lk/ Scr Lk key.

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I already tried to determine if on-screen keyboard helps, but I can't test it reliably, since my mouse buttons fail too most of the time when keyboard fails. – MainMa Apr 29 '12 at 22:38

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