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I have downloaded Kernel 3.3.4 for Linux. I need to actually get the OS. What is the most current version of Linux that uses this kernel and where can I get it from?

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2 things: (1) this is a programming Q&A site, this is off-topic. (2) Linux really is just a kernel. There are dozens of OSs that use this kernel, like Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, Rehat, Suse, Gentoo, etc. – Chris Apr 29 '12 at 17:14
@Chris I am sorry about posting this on the wrong site I didn't do this on purpose. Is the rep deduction necessary? – Crash_Override Apr 29 '12 at 17:24
There was no rep deduction from me. And since it's been migrated to another site, any votes on SO are no longer valid. – Chris Apr 29 '12 at 18:38

What you downloaded is only part of a fully operational operating system. The kernel performs functions necessary to the OS, but is not entire OS by itself. What you should really be looking for is a GNU/Linux distribution. These contain the a bundled kernel with the rest of the files needed. From experience Ubuntu and Fedora use very recent kernel versions. Fedora is your best bet for a kernel that recent, but Ubuntu is more stable, even though it might not be that exact kernel.

GNU -- The majority of the rest of the OS

Linux -- The kernel

This is the reason they are sometimes and appropriately called GNU/Linux Distributions. A while back they decided to combine the Linux Kernel, with the incomplete GNU operating system.

Both of these come with live cds. These you burn and then boot off of. You might have to change some BIOS settings so that you can boot off a cd. Then you follow the steps detailed for the site you use. I recommend if this is your first installation of Linux to use Ubuntu.

NOTE: The kernel comes with the distribution there is no need to download it before hand.

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What Linux are you running? ubuntu, arch etc. If you download a linux distro they all come with the necessary kernel needed. The Linux OS's have some great wiki's its worth having a good read on them.

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Why don't you directly download your preferred Linux OS directly? You have every single Linux OS available to download. Just check out Wikipedia for it. That's a real good source for Linux. I also recommend

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You need to download packages (i.e desktop environment) now, but things you are doning are not for people new to linux.

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