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Is there a software package available that can serve up a hard-drive internal to a PC and make it available over USB to other USB Master nodes as mass storage?

Ex: take your C: or /dev/hda drive on a PC (let's call the computer PC-A), and run a driver program which makes your C: or /dev/hda drive available to external devices as USB mass storage. When you'd hook up another PC (PC-B) to PC-A via USB, it would detect a USB mass storage device, which is C: or /dev/hda on PC-A.

Is this even possible?

EDIT: I know that there are other ways of making data on a drive available between two different computers (eg. putting PC-A's hdd in a USB-drive-enclosure, or having PC-A make the hdd available via a network share). But I'd like to know if the method that I describe above is even technically possible.

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It should be possible, the TouchBook basically does this. Maybe ask on the AlwaysInnovating forums: – he_the_great Sep 15 '09 at 21:39
See my answer to this question:… – LawrenceC May 22 '12 at 2:31
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If you use a normal cable, the hosts will both try to provide power over the usb cable causing a short with the end result ranging from fried usb ports to dead motherboards. You need to buy a special USB to USB transfer cable with a controller somewhere between the jacks.

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The two better ways to approach this would be:

  1. Get an external enclosure for the hard drive (
  2. Share the drive as a network drive for other machines to use
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