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My current Monitor/TV (Flatron M2794DP by LG) suddenly started to turn off the image after 2-3 sec. You can view everything from every possible source until it turns black. This happens on all possible data sources (desktop pc, cabel, receiver box). Sound and response to the remote control is still there.

After some reading on Google, I still don´t know where to start tracking down the error (not even sure if it is one, when it works w/o . Now I´m curious: What could be the reason for this?

backside - possible data sources

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You have a problem with the backlight sensor. I had something similar on an Asus monitor, it had to be replaced.

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Thanks for the hint. I already thought about that as I had this on a laptop some years ago. But the point is that it turns completely black. You can´t even see the reflections, so there´s no actual image processing, so it can´t be that. – kaiser Apr 30 '12 at 20:53

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