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Firefox remembers individual fields but I can't seem to just fill in the form with a single click (this is a form I have filled in a number of times before). A long time ago there was a FireFox plugin that did this, but it doesn't work anymore.

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You could try the Autofill forms add-on.

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There are many password manager add-ons that can assist with this. I personally use LastPass. You could also try Roboform. Both of these work great! Their form filling capabilities work quite well.

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Here are some addons I've tried - I wound up using FireForm as it seemed to work well - just click on a toolbar button to fill in a form. Autofill Forms was similar but it seems to have some problems with the UI.

(I didn't have enough reputation for more than 2 of the links)

8,018 users
latest 2014-01

Includes support for multiple profiles and custom field names.
data is not encrypted

Autofill Forms
75,736 users
latest 2012

adds a toolbar button (pencil icon)
dialog is sometimes too big to see - but can right click on a form field and click "add rule for this field" to bring up window correctly

15,582 users
latest 2013-02

source at

2,598 users
latest 2011

fill out all forms with alt+q
but there's no entry form, it's per website, not general, and values are encrypted
saves encrypted info to C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\.default\fillform\data.txt

1,600 users
latest 2014-04

You need two mouse-clicks per field to fill up any form.

1,223 users
latest 2013-09

helps with developing sites

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@ brian thanks for listing my add-on SimpleFill – Ram swaroop Nov 11 '14 at 5:21

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