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I have two columns in my Excel spreadsheet. The first column is a date time column, the second column is a numerical value.

I want to print a chart so that on my X axis the date times are displayed (first column) and on the Y axis the numeric value is (the second column).

Any tips?


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How to create a chart.

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There are built-in tools in Excel to do this. Here's a link for an old version of Excel (you don't specify which one you are using): It will most likely work in a similar way in your version.

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I have had the best results doing this when I have formatted the date/time column in the form I want it to appear in the plot, prior to creating a scatter plot. ie. If I want Month/day/year Hour:min then I apply that format to the appropriate cells first. It's also possible to specify a custom format for the date/time. Excel 2010 seems to create the plots differently depending on the formatting.

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