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As the title says, I want to pull data from my proxy.

Recently I've got a surge in the amount of data that has to be saved, and the module I'm running at the moment just doesn't cut it*, it generates a html-file filled with styling and stuff (currently I've got more than 200% overhead, which isn't very fun when you've got a data retention plan on over 6 months and 30+ users).

I want to pull as much data as possible from the proxy and insert it into a database (with minimum overhead, . This, I honestly don't know how to do (the pulling from proxy part. I don't need a programming 101 thank you very much).

Any of these (whatever might be the more appropriate):

  • Where does the statistics that sarg display come from (it displays a lot more than what's in the logfiles)?

  • Are there any other source of statistics other than the logfiles (/var/log/squid/access.log | cache.log)?

* sarg

(Go ahead and flag it as "move to SO" if you think it's more appropriate there. I thought this question kinda in the grey, therefore I put it here)

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Sarg takes all the data from the log files.

If you want to take more information, have a look at the Cache Manager. It has internal information about Squid.

Squid can be configured to send the logs via UDP. I wrote an script that takes information UDP and loads it to a database. It's based in a Turbogears 2 project, but may be it's helpful for you to start.

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