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What method/program could I use to perform a find and replace to turn ' ' into ' ' in a PDF file?

I can use either linux or windows solution.


The addon for OpenOffice Draw to access PDFs does replace &nbsp characters with regular spaces when re-exported as a PDF (find and replace tool doesn't work), however OODraw breaks the PDF formatting (font type / formatting). I'm thinking a programmatic-solution may be needed (something usable from the command line to find and replace.)

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I'd use openoffice (along with Oracle's PDF Import extension) to edit the PDF and then do a find and replace all

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+1 (partial) Opening the file shows it only as plain text. It doesn't see the   code in the text when I perform a find and replace. Opening the file and re-exporting it as a PDF DOES replace it, however formatting is broken so some text and sections overlap, which isn't easily fixable as this is a PDF output from a vendor made in Publisher with multi-columns and non-standard font (no idea what font was used). – Mechaflash Apr 30 '12 at 16:03

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