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I have a Mac, and I would like to operate Skype from the keyboard.

Is there any site with shortcuts summarized? Or can someone publish them here?

I'm interested in stuff like bringing Skype up with a hotkey (or just the contact list) and then open a conversation from the keyboard.

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Bringing Skype up with a hotkey only isn't possible in OS X — at least not without workarounds. There are many applications / resources regarding assigning one application to a hotkey, including this one.

You'll easily find all the shortcuts Skype has to offer in its menus. Here's the most important stuff.

Switching between Skype's main windows:

  • Press ⌘1 to (de)activate the main window
  • Press ⌘2 to show the dial pad
  • Press ⌘3 to show the contact list

Creating a new conversation:

  • Press ⌘N to open a new untitled conversation
    • Type the contact name
    • Then press ↑ or ↓ until you reach the name you want to add
    • Press ↩ to add the contact
    • Repeat to add further contacts
  • Once you're in the conversation, press ⇧⌘A to add further contacts
  • Press ⌘W to close an open conversation

Switching between conversations:

  • Press ⌥⌘← or ⌥⌘→ to switch between all open conversations
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